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Confession of the one and only Hey to the K

CL Hate. This fandom is becoming pathetic.


What happened to supporting the group as one and being blackjacks? last time i checked being a blackjack means you’re a fan of 2NE1 and 2NE1 is made up of 4 girls not 3 or 2.

CL is arrogant and cocky

When has she ever done anything that was arrogant or cocky?

The CL i know…

People should spread the love and bury the hate. 


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I hope the bond that they share will never break!

I wish I could love you. I wish you would love me. I wish we could be together just for a day. So I can let you go without regrets.

Why is 2NE1 always in pain when singing about love?!

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CL’s advice to WINNER

That’s…pretty cool. 

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Celebrities who watched 2NE1’s AON Seoul Concert Day 2 

GD and Taeyang

Lee Hyori


Lee Hi

Akdong Musician

Lee Junki (actor)

Taehyun’s Family

Park Go Eun (Bom’s sister)

Luna (f(x))

Lee Hyo Sup (Etude House director(?))

Sarah Kate (Style Director, host of Mnet America’s K-Style)

Hong Sukwoo (photographer, fashion journalist)

Kathleen Lee (fashion designer)


Minwoo (Shinhwa) 

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When Molly finally gets sick of the gunshots and explosions in the middle of the night, she suggests that Sherlock takes up a hobby that won’t endanger their lives. 

Sherlock’s scrapbook part 1/?

[Front cover]

This is so funny!

Anonymous asked: Do you ship Johnlock? Do you think it might become canon eventually?



*a wild gif folder appears* 

Hmm… yes I ship Johnlock. 

As for whether or not I think it might become canon, define canon. For me Johnlock is already pretty canon. I mean, it’s clear in the first two seasons that John loves Sherlock. Maybe not in the “I want to shove my cock up your ass” way, but in the “I like spending time with you, and I’d rather be spending my time with you instead of doing anything else” kind of way. We see many instances where John is just purely amazed by Sherlock…. 


I mean he literally blogs about him and Sherlock solving cases together. John killed a man to save Sherlock’s life within 36 hours of meeting him. They lived together for over a year, and just they way they are with each other is so adorable it melts my heart; especially those scenes where you can just see both of them laughing and having fun.



And well…. there’s also a shit ton of subtext and eyesex -



Then in season 3, we get to see to what extent Sherlock loves John (and we find out that it is to the point where he literally vowed to be there for John + his family for the rest of his life). Sherlock Holmes would never throw around the word “love” to describe his relationship with anyone. Yet, in the best man speech, Sherlock tells John that he is loved most by Mary himself.


John is literally Sherlock’s pressure point. Someone doesn’t just randomly become your pressure point unless you care deeply for them. You’d do anything for them. For instance, you’d jump into a burning fire for them.


Also…. I don’t remember the last time I looked at any of my friends like the way Sherlock looks at John.


And I certainly never tried to make my friends smile just so that I could memorize the way they laugh…


There are actual people and actual fictional couples who don’t love each other as much as Sherlock and John love each other. Both have shot a man to keep the other alive. Both understand each other. It’s an unspoken, selfless love… and I think that’s beautiful.

Maybe in the show, they will never kiss, but it doesn’t make Johnlock any less canon. This entire show is a goddamn romance story about two people who fall in love instantly, and need the other to function, *cries*

So anon, to answer your question, I am a proud Johnlock shipper, and as far as I’m concerned, Johnlock is canon.